So you’re ready to take the next step?

Whether you have it all figured out or you still need help brainstorming, I’m all ears. Something great is right around the corner, let’s see what we can create together!


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that might be helpful.

Nope. Even if you’re unsure about creating videos for your brand, I’m still more than happy to point you in the right direction!
The entire process (from pre-production planning to delivery) usually takes about a month, give or take a few weeks.

The budget for your production will vary based on a few variables. The best way for you to get an accurate quote right off the bat is to send us a link to an example video that closely resembles the vision & style for your own project (if you don’t know where to start, you can always reference one of our videos). For example, creating a video such as this recent project of mine (King’s Tailor & Tuxedo) requires a budget of around of around $1700-$2300.

After our final day of production, your video will be ready within 2 weeks (unless we’ve explicitly decided on different terms)
When it comes to selecting music, the bad news is that using mainstream music for anything other than personal enjoyment is VERY expensive (we’re talking of up to tens of thousands of dollars per song!).

The good news is that there are music licensing sites that allow proper licensing of music for MUCH less (usually between $100-$300 per song).

The great news is that this fee is always covered in your initial quote (and unless you’re wanting to switch songs every ten seconds, it will remain that way).